Cranberry Harvest


Sounds exotic, doesn't it? Not the type of name to associate with small town Ontario. Actually, in 1868 Thomas Burgess, Bala's first settler, gave the town its name after another picturesque town he knew: Bala, Wales, our twin community!

Bala is a mecca for cottagers and those wanting the "cottage country" experience. Blue water and sky and lush green in the Summer; an inferno of colour and ruby red cranberries in the Fall! We offer sparkling snowmobile and cross country ski trails in the Winter; snow scenes straight from a Christmas card as the mist from Bala Falls provides a delicate coating of frost on the trees; and after the long Winter sleep…? Spring bursts forth! A melody of life and sounds that you'll never hear in the city!

Want a great place to visit… again and again? Start by visiting us now! Our web site will give you all sorts of information about us. Then… come and visit us in person! You'll always be welcome in Bala!